Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blog #7:: Bluebeard as a Villan

Bluebeard as a Hero?? VILLAN !!!

:: Which of the Bluebeard Tales we have read did you like the most ? WHY? Please elaborate and include quotes from the tale to prove your point of view::

"'Bluebeard'  stands virtually alone among fairy tales in its depiction of marriage as an institution haunted by the threat of murder (Tatar, p.139). " Reading this in the Introduction to Bluebeard sparked my interest and got me looking forward to reading this tale. Out of all the versions, my least favorite was Perrault's Bluebeard because Bluebeard never followed through with the threat of murder towards his wife (stated in the above quote) which ultimately left the story flat and uninteresting. I mean if Bluebeard is really the villan he should follow through with his title and not prolong the threat in saying "I will give you a quarter of an hour but not a moment more (Tatar, p.146)" when the wife asks to pray one last time before she dies. Of course the wife is going to find a way to escape! 

 Grimm's Fitcher's Bird was what caught my attention and kept me reading. However disturbing and gruesome the tale may seem, it was actually pretty interesting- reminding me of the horror movies and serial killer movies that are shown today. It was pretty obvious that Grimm decided against the whole 'the villan must die !' theme and actually gave the character some backbone as he followed through with his threats. Fitcher's Bird otherwise referred to Bluebeard as a 'sorccerer' and instead murdered two of his wives who happened to be sisters! - he had some nerve. (The thrird sister was however clever enough to avoid such tragedy).
Overall,  version that interested me the most in my opinion seemed to be dependent upon how 'Bluebeard' was developed as a character. Was he a dog with all bark and no bite? or Was he truly a murderous villain? 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blog #6 "Sonne" by Rammstein

A Comparison of
 Rammstein's "Sonne" and the story of Snow White 


[KEY] When reading the following, the text that outlines the similarities of both versions will be color coated Purple; the differences will be in the color Green.

After watching the music clip by Rammstein and comparing it to the original story of Snow White I found it especially interesting the simmilarites and differences that arose between both narratives. In both versions I noted the development of the  dwarfs (responsible over the mines) as characters in the tale. In the tale of Snow White the dwarfs varied in personality and they were not specifically referred to as 'men' even though they appeared that way. The clip on the other hand portrayed these dwarfs as strong, hefty, built men who were always serious. Both versions also highlighted the importance of the relationship between the dwarfs and Snow White. The level of such a relationship however can be argued. The original story highlights the importance of this relationship by emphasizing the dependence Snow White has on the dwarfs- she relies on them to keep her safe and give her shelter. Whereas in the the clip, both the dwarfs and Snow White appear to be using each other; the dwarfs need her to fulfill their hidden sexual desires and she needs them to satisfy her drug addiction (get high). 
Finally, both versions shared the final aspect of the story where Snow White fell into a deep sleep. Rammstein's "Sonne" shows Snow White unconscious after over dosing on drugs. The original story  however shows Snow White falling  unconcious after eating a poison apple given to her by the evil witch. A Witch that is not even developed as a character in the clip and identified as the center of all evil, is replaced by the uncontrollable need and desire to get high which in the end is what leads Snow White to her demise.
Between the two, the one I enjoyed the most was the original version. Personally i enjoy how the original tells a story, leaves room for the imagination, and makes you ask questions. The clip in my opinion was ultimately uninteresting and lost my attention.