Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blog # 10 :: Reflection-Lecture with Dr. Ochieng

               Blog  #10 - Reflection- Lecture with Dr. Ochieng

:: Write a reflection on the lecture by Dr. Ochieng' and show how the myths and the legends of the Kenyan folktales are similar or different from those we have read and discussed so far. How did you like his lecture and presentation? How did this enrich your knowledge of folk and fairy tales? Be reflective and elaborate on what you write ::

So far, in class we have reviewed Jewish Folklore, Native-American folklore, European Folk and Fairytales, and African American Storytelling. These stories however, particulary different from Kenyan Folktales (which fall under African Orature). So, what is so unique to African Orature that is not highlighted in the fairytales we have discussed so far? First of all, African Orature is Predominately Oral! Pretty Cool huh? Even more interesting, when they narrarate these stories the tone of their voice can emphasize different meanings even they say the same word. Compare this to the fairytales we've discussed so far in class you see that the majority of them are written- essentially meaning that it gives us only one choice which is to read these stories.  Now i'm not saying reading fairy tale literature is horrible, it's just not much of an experience and a journey as when they are told orally. Another big difference is that African orature is purposed to give understanding to a phenomena- answering questions like what makes this a certain way?  why do things happen the way they do?  Whereas the other fairy tales we've reviewed in class tend to teach moral lessons.

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