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Blog #8 :: From "Rags to Riches"

From Rags to Riches

:: Cinderella is one of the so-called "rise tales", which features a narrative arc of "rags to riches through magic and marriage"(Ruth Bottigheimer). Using the film [Pretty Woman] as an example,  write a reflection on this motif. Can someone reach success or riches with magic, marriage, charm, etc.? How realistic is that ? ::

Yes, it is possible that someone reach success or riches with magic, marriage, charm, etc.
A great example roots from a Sociological (Historical) standpoint, where we see it is quite common for women in different countries to find themselves betrothed to men at a young age. Many of these women come from poor families and they themselves rise from "rags to riches" as they are typically marry into families of great wealth. It is through such matrimony that the men benefit by having a female companion, while the women act as a financial asset to their own families by ensuring them a portion of the wealth. Much to often it is the case that women under these circumstances are not marrying for love, but it is through such a union that an individual (women in particular) come to reach success and riches.

The film pretty woman makes it quite evident that it is possible to reach in some form or fashion 'success and riches' - in this case through marriage. The main characters of the film are Julia Roberts, (as the prostitute) and Richard Gere ( as the business man). It wasn't until the end of the film that the idea of marriage was a legitamate idea; up until then Julia Roberts was more so adopted by Robert Gere as his personal female companion. She then found herself upgrading from street-side prostitution to living a glamorous lifestyle along side the man of her dreams. How can this not bee seen as reaching a sense of success and happiness? Showered with cash, gifts, and jewelry , such riches were far beyond what she believed would come to be her reality.

But really is the idea of reaching success or riches with magic, marriage or charm etc. that realistic? Not entirely. In modern society people gear more toward creating their own success and prospering financially at their own hands. Not to often do you see women out of wedlock securing their families finances and benefiting through personal gain; more so it has become quite popular for individuals to secure themselves through a good education and a stable career.

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