Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog#12 :: Final Blog

:: Re-read all blogs you have written and reflect on what you've done and learned in the semester. How did you lie the material covered? Was it challenging for you? Did you send enough time reading the required material::

What sticks out to me the most regarding what I learned from this course was what I wrote about fairytales in my research paper. I discussed 'fairytales as an educative tool'; my thesis  detailed how 'fairytales are seen as an educative tool as they are a quintessential embodiment of the various moral messages instilled unto young children'. 
I also learned how these tales vary cross-culturally. Some stories are used to convey a moral messages (European tales) whereas others  explain the questions we have about life/ why things happen/ why things are the way they are (African Orature). Then there is the fact that some cultures pefer to tell their stories orally rather than other cultures where these tales are written for us to read on our own.

Often we would have creative/interactive parts of the class. We captured the most  important/ meaningful part of a story in a single picture using no words on a piece of posters paper.
Even people with the same version of a tale had different pictures that spoke to them and reasons to why they felt it was the most important part of the story.
Form this activity I learned how stories can speak to each person differently as to where everyone can grab a little something from it.

For this class there were also weekly blogs that we had  to complete. When I  think about it, i realize it's purpose was to get us to reflect on what we learned so we didn't just read the fairy tales assigned and forget them the day after. Although it was pretty time consuming  ( if you waited to the last minute like myself) I still thought it was a nice way to share your opinions on the readings and learn from our classmates thoughts as well. 

I really like that material covered; in particular I favored Tatar's The Classic Fairy Tales. 
This course was not very challenging. The only thing that made it remotely difficult was not reading what was assigned- reading the material was what got you through the quizzes and class participation. The time I spent reading these tales varied- I would try my best to get all the readings in. 

----BLOG #12 :: FINAL BLOG !!! 

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